Monday, November 20, 3302

All cashed up

Passing through Minnaver to collect my other paycheck from Murratz, I stopped in at the Business Centre to see if they could offer some financial advise to my current oversupply of money. They had investment opportunities with a 3% return per annum, but that seemed wasteful when we were in a war. Another option was to invest in spcase stations, and seeing Eyron already had a ranger station that I would dearly like to use more often (due to its close proximity to the Dominator battle front), adding a science station to that solar system would be very handy.

A pirate base would also improve the defenses of the sector, but might also make it undesirable to return to bleeding from battle.

I picked up my hypnotist removal reward and bounced around some trades in the sector before landing my next gig, a trek back to Eyron to deliver helmets for ... whatever. Does it matter? Just give me the cargo and I'll get it there. And have the money ready, I don't want to wait around. And make sure you let Ranger HQ know how good I've been, they are getting on my case about "Not contributing enough to the war effort". Maybe I'll buy a military base next time, huh ??!

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