Tuesday, July 11, 3302

Runaway Hypnotist

Flushed with adulation, I partied on for a couple of days on the planet surface before looking to move on. Since I had to get my money back at Hese, anoth request heading that way would be nice. The commisioner dug through his options and gave another oddball task: A Gaalian hypnotist had tricked the Pelengs into forking over a wadful of money, so, in typical Peleng style they want him eliminated ship and all. It sounded more like a way to piss off the Gaalians, but with the mark currently cruising Regulus it was the right direction. Over 10k for success too, that clinched the deal.

After 2 jumps back to Regulus I managed to spot him off scanner heading to a jump point. I floored it and caught up to him 1/2 way to start doing rethone business, but he managed to jump with 1/4 hull remaining. I matched the jump to Eyron (gotta love the Black Goo for refuelling on the fly) and completed the contract before he made it to the safety of a planetary dock.

As the Ranger Base was only a few days away, I popped over to check if there were any new developments. They had another set of micromodules on offer and the cheaper 3rd tier one looking interesting. Better hull rigidity and deflection for only 60 nodes. That put my credit back to the starting 200, but it should make my ship tougher still to drop in combat.

in another life I would have tried my hand at Antares or another Dominator controlled system, but without support I doubt I'll be effective so I returned to Hese for a heroes welcome and a 9k windfall. With a bankroll over 43,000cr and another 10k back at Murratz, it's time to keep an eye out for a new ship.

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