Wednesday, January 27, 3300

Full Hull vs High Returns

The hull conundrum bred some interesting choices. Do I leave minerals in my hull due to the current poor price, or do I clear them out for more manufactured equipment that is offered at an unbelievable rate? Time for some math:

1) 38 tonnes @ 6cr now would give 228cr to bring my total to 2665. That would allow buying 42 tonnes of equipment @ 63cr each. Selling all 42 for potentially 77cr would eventually net 3234cr. Add the 19cr we'd have left after buying the equipment would mean we should have 3253cr.

2) Leave the rocks for now and get 11cr when I get back to Dream. 38 tonnes would give 418cr. The hull can only take another 29 tonne, so 29 equipment @ 63 would cost 1827 (which we have) and net 2233cr if selling at 77cr each in Dream. That would mean we should have 2437 - 1827 + 2233 + 418 = 3261cr

So it's (marginally) better to leave the rocks in the hull. The first solution suffers from having a partly empty hull. All our money has been invested in high return equipment, but the free areas of the hull could have been used to make additional profit off the rocks we sold at a lower price.

The opposite is true for solution 2; We have 610cr left over after filling our hull with equipment, but equipment would make more money (63->77=14cr) per unit of space than carrying the rocks (6->11=5cr). We'd be better off filling our hold with as much equipment that we could buy

So solution 3, try to maximize both hull space and money:
3) If we sell 10 units of rocks @ 6cr we bolster our initial money from 2437 to 2497, which will allow us to buy 39 units of equipment, the exact amount of space we have left. So we'd leave Venus with 0 tonnes of space and 40cr to our name. We'd then sell off the remaining 28 tonnes of rock @ 11cr for 308cr and sell off the 39 units of equipment for potentially 77cr to make 3003cr. That should leave us with 40 + 308 + 3003 = 3351cr! Almost 100cr better off by just leveraging the capacity of both hull and money.

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