Wednesday, January 27, 3300

Venus arrival

Lasers definitely work on Asteroids. Managed to blast 2 rocks down into smaller chunks for pickup, but one still hit me !!?! Space is a dangerous place.

One of the pieces scanned up at 68 tonnes! That sucker would have filled the hull, but my gripper couldn't drag anything larger than 40. Maybe I can nudge it down to Venus? Nup.

The Venus landing pad was full of traders with the same idea; drop off medicines while the price is sky high. It didn't matter much though, the meds went for double the price I bought them for. Nice little tidy profit. They weren't so keen on the rocks though as the disease had halted production of equipment and ore was everywhere.

The government's placed an export incentive on the remaining manufactured equipment to keep the economy moving during the crisis. Basically means they're cheap. Cheap enough to buy and make another trip to the medical centre for another double-up in money. I still have rocks clogging up my hull though. Do I sell them here for a crappy 6cr a pop or hold on to them for 11cr at Dream? Choices, choices...

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