Wednesday, July 27, 3301

The Hyperjump Gift

Ranger Centre Agate, our HQ for this sector, had sent me a message that I'd been given a present by another magnanimous ranger. Intrigued I popped over to Agate to see what was going on. A present indeed! We've been starting to figure out how to turn nodes into useful items, and an unknown ranger had chosen me a recipient of an unwanted micromodule named "Whirlwind".
Add this module to an engine and it increases both speed and jump distance. Speed is always welcome, but I'm so happy with my current superlightweight fuel cell that it seemed a waste to extend my jump length even further past its capacity.

Looking through Agate's shopping inventory solved the problem though. A 33 parsec fuel tank that also integrates with my lasers (scary thought) to improve their damage. It's lightweight too. Well, as good as I'd expect for that capacity.

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